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  • Deepak Dhanotiya

Time to say thankyou !! #thankyoukirana

#Thankyoukirana for being there, you make our life easy every day!!

Rajiv is an Hide & Seek lover, he have seen advertisement of it went to near by kirana, twice he didn't had it than. Third time he asked , he had it. He cared!! #thankyoukirana for caring about Rajiv

Nirmla left the key with husband and her phone got discharged.She wanted to make a call but how?  #thankyoukirana for helping her making a call with your phone

Today  milkman didn't turned up!! She have to call Kirana wala to deliver. #thankyoukirana for over delivering anytime, every time.

Dinesh is looking for a new house in colony. He don't know whom to talk. #thankyoukirana for connecting him to Verma Ji in next street. 

Raj is an student he stays alone. He was not keeping well. #thankyoukirana for taking him to hospital. 

Visitors were searching for my home. It is in interior. #thankyoukirana for directing them to my home. Thank you for knowing me so personally!!

Laxmi was facing itching in hands while washing clothes, #thankyoukirna for recommending better detergent. Thank you for improving life

Radha suddenly had pimples. #thankyoukirana for recommending the right cream. She fill confident  now.

Everytime my child ask for chocolates you gave him healthier fruit candy!! #thankyoukirana for caring about my child

Hiral ordered online but she can't take delivery  as delivery boy come at office time. #thankyoukirana for taking my E-delivery

Varsha got stuck in traffic, #thankyoukirana for asking her kid to sit in your shop, till she arrives. #thankyoukirana for recharge while I am not having cash

#thankyoukirana for giving some instant cash when it's very critical

#thankyoukirana for providing me credit till I get my salary

#thankyoukirana for talking about my parents when I miss them.

#thankyoukirana for knowing me and my family so closely.I always feel you have opened shop just for me.

#thankyoukirana for smiling every time we transact vs installing some boring machines.

#thankyoukirana for being there for years, you make our life easy everyday!! 

Kirana touch our familie's life everyday and they are going to be there. 

Have you ever said #thankyoukirana? Reasons can be many, may be none but it can bring smile and hope on the face of Kirana wala who is struggling to survive. 

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