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ShopKirana is a B2B e-commerce company with a vision to empower 12+ million retailers in India. We have integrated the retailers with technology to help them order online from one place at competitive rates which also helps them to incrementally grow the customer base and overall business. In our journey, we realized that they also face a huge working capital crunch. ShopKirana worked tirelessly to create an integrated ecosystem of credit and financial support to these mom-pop stores. Today, our customers have access to tailored and timely credit to achieve new heights.

Small mom-pop stores were growing marginally year-on-year. They were not able to achieve exponential growth because of a lack of working capital. The inventory-to-cash conversion cycle is long; hence it leads to the blocking of capital. Retailers were facing liquidity problems, pilling up of supplier payments which resulted in under-stocked shops and reduction in customer base. The covid pandemic further deteriorated the situation.

We collaborated with financial institutions like FinBox, Epay Later, ChqBook, LoanTap, and many more to fulfill working capital gap and more than 1000+ retailers are already benefited through same.

Credit Facilities there are various credit facilities option available on the platform which customer can avail digitally through ShopKirana app, what all they need to do is to follow the below mentioned process:

  • Retailers can get credit starting from 25,000 to 40 Lac for business expansion. The entire process is very simple and takes just 3-5 working days.

  • The process includes submission of few basic documents like PAN, Aadhar card, business proof, and bank statement. Once all documents are provided then the eligible retailer will get money transferred to the bank account.

  • We also provide 14-days of interest-free credit lending for retailers to exclusively buy on the Shopkirana platform.

  • We have various other lending offers that provide credit up to Rs. 40 lacs for business as well as personal use.

  • Swipe machines are also available at a discounted rate to assist retailers in taking digital payments from their customers.

  • ShopKirana intends to form partnerships with 10+ financial institutions to provide multiple credit facilities at a more affordable rate with ease.

  • The loan is provided at a competitive interest rate. The retailers can use this fund to increase capital rotation and grow his/her business.

Our one-step towards retail financial is evolving the landscape by giving growth tools in the hands of kiranawala to solve the age-old problem.

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Gym Gym
Gym Gym
Jul 23, 2022

Is your credit product more of a BNPL or a conventional loan kind of thing?

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