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Welcome to the world of opportunities, where you can think like an entrepreneur and where you're empowered to not just think of breakthrough ideas, but also turn them into reality by executing them. 

Shopkirana works towards empowering Indian retailers with power of technology, supply chain innovation and next generation brands. For this purpose, we require people who are passionate about their work, and who are always looking to enhance their knowledge and grow as an individuals. 

Speed is our one of the biggest advantage over large competitors. We need people who can think on their feet and who can bring best solutions to retail problems. 

Why you should join Shopkirana 


We believe that people thrive on freedom and we give you that freedom to think out of the box and own your decisions. 

Here you'll get the opportunity to challenge yourself everyday and learn something new. The prospect of being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people day-in and day-out. 

You'll be working with some of the most experienced and talented people who will help you up your skill game and get you ahead of the competition. 

Open Culture

We believe that transparency boosts efficiency in working environment. This open culture breeds friendships, comfort and understanding among our people.  

Risk Taking Capability

We believe that people should take calculative risk. If it pans out bad then do not worry, we are there for you.


We are passionate about our vision to change the Indian retail. What are you passionate about? Can your passion help us to achieve our goal?


A project can only be successful when people working on it take it personally. The ownership is not defined in 9 - 5 job. It is much more than that, it is the driving force.

Relentless Drive

Dreams are not what you see while sleeping, it is what doesn't let you sleep. We chase our dream of changing Indian Retail by breaking molds of 5-9 jobs. It is relentless drive on a long road ahead.

Creating an Impact

We believe that a person's growth is depended on milestones achieved, and not the years of experience. 

ShopKirana HQ- 201, A 22/3 SP365 Building, Janjeerwala Square, Old Palasia, Indore. 452001
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Tel : +91-7828112112
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