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Need Square | Modern Age Kirana Store

Today is a very important day for ShopKirana family.

From the very first day of our inception, it was very clear to all of us that we are here to empower retailers. After serving 1000's of retailers in last 14 months, we have understood & learned their problems and realised why mom-pop stores dont grow, why they run their business just to live not to grow & what fundamental problems they face in growing & why they block their cash flow in dead inventory for weeks and so on due to inefficient supply chain.

So we decided to move one step further, to take one bold step & to convert our existing retailers into departmental stores with smart inventory system, less blocking of cash flow, more variety, free wifi, free water, smooth music, bar coding system, camera, sensors and 50's of other features integrated from day one.

Today, we launched "Need Square" in the same direction.

For customers, It's like OYO - where you will get an amazing, predicted & the same buying experience at all need square stores at the prices which you get at reliance fresh, easy day, big bazaar, more mega store etc & it will be available near your home just the way you see/meet/reach your kirana wala in no time.

Now traditional retailer of this country have an option to upgrade & grow just like all other modern retailers by integrating ShopKirana tech for sourcing & selling.

It can be a business decision for us to launch "Need Square" but this is a LIFE & DREAM & FUTURE for those who are converting or taking it as a franchisee & we are not taking anything for granted.

We worked really hard. We are working more hard. Will work till we accomplished.


Tanutejas Saraswat


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