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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

India is second largest populated country of the world and even after the rise of internet, the major part of the whole country still remains unorganized, not connected with internet.

Few of them are Kirana stores, Grocery Stores, Mom & Pop Stores and small shops in every corner of every city, town and village.

They control the market. They control the Economy. They control 92% of the unorganized Retail Market i.e $300 Bn

How to break that unorganized Retail market and make it organized? 

What to solve and for whom to solve?

ShopKirana came up with a solution, a Mobile Application, to solve every retailers need and to create the most technologically enabled platform for every shop, not only by selling products to them but also by EMPOWERING them. Empowerment is not just about making the retailers order via app from their own phone or solving the back end supply chain process (we do both), but there is much more to it.

Selling products to retailers via mobile app is just an initiative to get connected with them. Our motive  is to make them aware how technology can bring a change in their life, as well as in their day to day business. This will also help them in generating better sales by smartly keeping less inventory, by buying in real time, by keeping track of every data on mobile &associating them with different suppliers in different service industries like Banks, IT, POS System. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

We are on a mission to empower 9 million retailers of India to be competitive, in the technology freak market, with the help of various services which make them smart, intelligent, efficient.

We Asked Questions?

Every retailer faces a problem of managing 20-40 people every week to buy different products from different people by investing time in travelling, negotiating, paying and they’re doing this every single day from decades. They are not managing any data, no inventory details, not aware about category management and upselling and so on.

We Asked Why?

When we didn’t find any answer, we promised to our self- “Its time to save their most valuable time, by fulfilling every need of theirs in lowest cost, by giving them technology in their hands and teaching them how to use that”.

It takes lot of plans, strategies, innovations, integration, speed, execution, instincts, and people and “n+1”…things to run it like a proper system & process.

Numbers of our journey so far:

STARTED: February 2015.

PRESENT: Mumbai & Indore.


SALES:  70 Lacs + (Cash on delivery. We broke the myth that retailers buy only on credit J).

SOLD QTY: 3 Lac quantities of just 10 brands.

All in a matter of 6 months and LAUNCHED IN MUMBAI 30 DAYS BACK ONLY.

Whoa! I get goose bumps in sharing these numbers.

And we’ve just started up. Actual work begins now as we have created an amazingly perfect system which is scaling up in 2 more cities before ending this year.

Helping Brands:

We’ve created a system for brands to launch their products instantly and now helping some brands to explore the Mumbai market via ShopKirana in real time, instantly. Earlier it use to take atleast 45-60 days for brands to launch their product and put in the shelves of Retailer’s shop. We minimized this number to a SINGLE DAY.

Now brands, who don’t have any supply chain networks in city to reach the market, can take help of ShopKirana and get real sales in the shortest time possible.

Future Plans:

We start from very small. We solve the smallest part, fix it with processes and put system in place and then scale it like rocket. Whatever the work and numbers we have achieved in Indore in last 4 months, we have completed the same in Mumbai in just 20 days after our launch.

Now we are scaling aggressively and will complete 20,000 + retailers on-board in next 20 days. And it’s just a teaser. Real movie is about to come

The Story

Nothing is written about this system anywhere, so you have to test it first and try to get the results and we did the same. Everybody, in a race to win the consumers forgot to cater just few 9 million people of this country. That’s Sad. They cater $300 Bn market and ruling 90% of Un-organized market. Oops!

And we just saw the pain at the right time.

We are:

A technology company who solves an end to end supply chain solution. When you connect technology with the most traditional, oldest supply chain of this country and give the power of buying into the hands of those people who buy stuff daily for their shops(who then sell it to the direct offline customer), then Magic happens. The numbers are magical.


ShopKirana is founded by three entrepreneurs.

Deepak Dhanotiya: Supply Chain, Systems| P&G| NITIE Mumbai.

Sumit Ghorawat : People, Product | P&G| Carnegie Melon University| BITS-Pilani Dubai

Tanutejas Saraswat : Growth, Operations | Bikaner University

A team of 45 + people and solving 1000’s of retailer’s problem every day.


Yes, we do amazing mentors who are helping us in our journey. One of them are Mr. JaiKumar Nair, Vice President Operations at Mondelēz International.(Company who owns Cadbury)

We’ll reveal the name of other mentor soon, as part of an agreement we’re bound to disclose it only after a month.Stay tuned!

Proud to commit that we have started changing the behaviour of people. Now a kiranawala is making an order before going to bed at 11.30p.m or sometimes at 1a.m which he never thought before.


ShopKirana is hiring and looking out for talent continuously who believe they can empower retailers. Interested people can email at with subject “Sales/Marketing/IT/Operations/Leaders etc .

Preference: Mumbai.

Wish us best of best as we are moving towards a big lane by pressing hard  on accelerator.


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